About Us

This store was created for all those friends and fans of The Dizazta Empire. If you did not know about the movement, then here are a few facets of the empire. We have many departments that make us unique from ALL the rest. Here at The Dizazta Network, we have DIZAZTA TV available on ROKU TV's and Devices. On The Dizazta Network we have shows like INTERTWINED-music and a message, THE PUNISHMENT CHANNEL, DAY OF DIZAZTA-The Reality Show, TIME MACHINE CLASSICS, and much more. Another part of the Empire is DIZAZTA AREA RADIO. DIZAZTA AREA RADIO is a radio station that is available to download for free at GOOGLE PLAY STORES, as well as APPLE APP STORE. Your radio personality DIZAZTA plays music from DIZAZTA AREA MUSIC ( www.dizazta.com) and ALL genresĀ  of music from other artist.